To celebrate the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, here at GoMA we have adapted our Saturday Art Clubs to hopefully encourage positive mental wellbeing.

With your family, or people in your household, these activities offer escapism from the challenges of life right now and inspire you to take enjoyment out of the everyday. Each activity requires basic materials and features a different theme, reminiscing with our collection. Join in activities each Saturday or catch up with them afterwards. 

Saturday 9 May: Good Mood Colours

Our first Saturday Art Club, Good Mood Colours, takes inspiration from our Adrian Wiszniewski mural in our studio. Create your own colourful and uplifting artwork that will encourage all the family to feel more positive.

Saturday 16th May: Relaxing Finger Painting

This activity encourages you and your children to be creative in a new way and produce your own artwork of colourful patterns and trails- get messy and let your imagination run wild!

Saturday 23rd May: Splendid Still Life

This activity is inspired by our David Hockney's Photography is Dead; Long Live Painting. It encourages you to find beauty in the everyday by creating your own still-life.

At Home

Our new section of the GoMA blog, At Home is an invitation for audiences to join us in activities, discussions and readings while we are in unprecedented times with no access to our building, exhibitions and collections. At Home is an experiment, a resource and an opportunity to stay in touch. Be sure to check out our other activities at our blog.