Toni-Dee and Laura Gonzalez lead Sleep, the next workshop in Eat. Move. Sleep. Repeat., a series of conversations with artists curated by Emma Jayne Park and Emily Furneaux.

During the session, participants will be invited to become rest researchers. It will take place on Zoom from 11am-1pm on Wednesday 3 June. Register for your place here.

Eat. Move. Sleep. Repeat. 

The mental health benefits of engaging with the arts is recognised worldwide but increasingly those who are responsible for making and sharing work are facing exhaustion.

At this time of collective uncertainty Eat. Move. Sleep. Repeat. is an opportunity to come together and discuss strategies for stability. How can we find our own equilibrium when the ground is constantly moving beneath us?

Join Emily Furneaux, Emma Jayne Park and an exciting group of artists to talk, think, collaborate and question how the way we work can better serve our wellbeing using practices that focus on food, movement, sleep and ritual.

Taking place on Zoom over four weeks, each session will focus on the practice of an invited artist. They will share an example of their work, lead the group in some of their approaches and answer questions before the space is opened to broader discussions with those in attendance.

About the Artists


Toni-Dee is a performance artist, theatre maker, workshop leader, writer and occasional thinker-in-the-room. Her current body of work, made with ‘infectious warmth’ (Exeunt) is a series of performances & installations exploring identity politics.

Since 2015 she has been commissioned by Fuel Theatre as part of The New Theatre In Your Neighbourhood project, been a contributing story group writer for climate change project Hello X, and presented work in Sick Festival, Queer Migrant Takeover, and Works Ahead as well as workshop facilitation with children.

She currently is exploring rest as resistance through her new work: Doze, working for Selina Thompson Ltd as Artist Access Assistant and Artist Associate, and making theatre with and for children as an associate of One Tenth Human

Laura Gonzalez

Laura Gonzalez is a visual artist, performer, writer, and yoga teacher. My work inhabits the space between medical humanities, psychoanalysis, performance and Eastern thought. I have translated several of Sigmund Freud’s case histories into one-to-one durational performances and I am exploring the dramaturgical potential of a breath practice.

Eat. Move. Sleep. Repeat. is an event created with the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival and funded by Creative Scotland’s Open Project Fund. The events will be a precursor to the launch of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival Online Artists Socials which will invite people who explore mental health in their work to come together informally, develop a peer support network, discuss best practice and enjoy watching performance together.

Image: Emily Furneaux