Documentary The Voices From Inside is screening here from 1-8 June, with a Zoom discussion taking place on Thu 4 Jun at 8.30pm. 

The Voices From Inside offers a portrait of Marianne, a woman who fights to live with the voices she hears inside her, while supporting others in her community as they navigate their own journeys with mental health. Directed by Elina Chared, it won the Voices Of Experience award at the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival. 

There will also be a discussion taking place on Zoom on Thursday 4 June at 8.30pm. Register for your place here. 

This film is available to watch for free but if you would like to support the festival, you can book a 'Pay What You Can' ticket here

Please note that if the English subtitles are not showing, you can click CC on the bottom right of the video to turn them on. 

Programme Notes: The Voices From Inside

"I'm not necessarily going to speak. You shouldn't expect that."

Marianne is not someone who has to speak to make herself clear. Having heard voices for most of her life, she is able to simultaneously distinguish them from her own agency and embrace them as part of herself. However, when she does speak, she engages in robust dialogue with other people about their experiences of hearing voices, not with a campaigning formality but instead an immediate and vivid connection with another human being.

Elina Chared does not follow Marianne in order to box her into a neat category, nor to criticise or pathologise her behaviour. Her interest lies in showing Marianne as she is, a person with many facets but who is far from fractured. Her framing keeps a respectful distance, in reverence of Marianne, while a formal interview process is waived in favour of bearing witness to what Marianne deems vital to communicate.

"When I hear voices, I know that it is in my head, so I respond in my head." Marianne does not envision her voices as something to overcome. She still struggles with the darker features of life - but who doesn't? A truly radical film in its message of choosing acceptance over othering, The Voices From Inside is the winner of this year's SMHAF Voices Of Experience award. In her acceptance speech, Chared spoke from experiencing the pandemic in Marseille, saying, "I think that we will have to take in consideration those after-effects in our future social life outlook. Not everyone has a unicorn to call."