“…to truly care for someone else we have to choose to care. It is hard and challenging and demanding…”

Presented in partnership with Luminate, Vanishing Point's Tomorrow is a play that creatively explores life and the aging process using dementia as its platform. The striking realism of this play awakens our own inner reflections on life and questions, harrowingly at times, whether that life is meaningful.

The story follows George and his carers in a nursing home where visits from family members create confusion and disconnection, demonstrated by the presence of ghost-like children. The performances are subtle in their idiosyncrasies and the sincere interaction between characters allows us to relate and empathise with their differing perspectives on life and caring for others. Sympathetic yet uncompromising, we see the vibrancy, tenacity and individuality of youth fade with age, leaving a diminished spirit of our former selves. Missed opportunities and past regrets are burdens carried and forgotten about. Experiences of dementia for both the sufferer and those caring for them are represented with sensitivity as challenging and often cruel.

Of particular interest to the Artistic Director were carers’ dilemmas and their patient’s limitations as human beings. This play gives us space to contemplate and sympathise with the pressure that accompanies those in caring roles whether professionally or personally. 

The minimal decoration on stage is visually powerful and compliments the sophisticated use of music and lighting. All aspects of this production are thoughtfully presented and cultivate stirring emotions for the audience. Tomorrow is thoroughly absorbing with sporadic sparks of real life humour, momentarily bringing us back to our reality.

Tomorrow is a play that leaves a lasting impression.  It is a stunning production which rouses our thoughts and understanding of the ever present cycle of being born, living, aging and dying.

“Tomorrow is not a show about dementia… [but] material we find intriguing, beautiful, prescient and challenging.” Matthew Lenton, Artistic Director.

Written by Emily McCurrie

Tomorrow will be performed at the Tramway in Glasgow on Saturday 4th and Tuesday 7th until Saturday 11th of October.