We are delighted to unveil our trailer for this year’s festival and asked filmmaker Peter Stewart to say a few words about his creation.

“When approaching the idea of reality for this advert I thought of what it would be like to question reality and what that must feel like. The idea of a thought process becoming liquid and flowing from one idea to the next creating a blend of images in the mind.

I chose footage that would represent how pictured what that experience would feel like. Beginning with the tipping point then down the rabbit hole laughing all the way and finally into a packed dance hall filled with happy people before flying off into the nights sky to finish.

The footage was blending together sections burning and distorted 35mm film to give that feeling of liquidity and that the footage itself was slipping away from reality just like the viewer is. “


List of film footage

1) The Band Cartoons Collection – Disney (Creative Commons) – 1930
2) Alice in Wonderland (1903) by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow
3) Alice’s Wonderland (1923), from the series Laugh-O-Grams
4) Facing Reality – Knickerbocker Productions (1954)
5) The Man who Laughs – Paul Leni – 1928
6) The Crazy Ray – Paris Qui Dort – 1927
7) First Cousin Once Removed – 2012 – Alan Berliner
8) Creepy Panda – Adicolour – 2008
9) Saturday Night Fever – 1977 – John Bedham
10) Good Sense Collection – 1977 – Directed by various.

Music: Time On A Will – Made in Nowhere