A clinic where you can buy and sell memories.

A world in which superpowers are given out by the government, in a ‘transplant lottery’.

A woman who discovers she has one week left to live – and decides to go clubbing.

These are just three of the wonderfully imaginative responses to our request for stories on the theme of ‘Power’. The ten-strong shortlist for SMHAFF’s 2014 International Writing Competition, in partnership with Bipolar Scotland, also includes a moving account of enduring ECT treatment, a patient’s letter to their psychotherapist, and a story inspired by the Willard Asylum suitcases.

The winners of the competition are announced at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow on 11 October, and all ten shortlisted entries feature in our special web publication, Power, designed and illustrated by Laura Donnelly.

You can scroll through it below and download it.