This year’s Dust of Everyday Life symposium, at CCA in Glasgow on 20 April, will include a lively discussion about the relationship between visual art and mental health. Ahead of the event, we recommend a visit to The Clinic, which opens this weekend as part of Glasgow International, the city’s festival of contemporary art.

A group exhibition by artists Nadège Druzkowski, Jenny Lewis, Philippe Murphy, Alys Owen and Beth Shapeero, The Clinic is a multi-sensory, interactive show exploring pseudo-sciences – such as psychoanalysis, meditation, reflexology, light therapy and hypnotherapy.

When you arrive, you are welcomed by staff in a waiting room, where you can ‘relax’ and take a refreshment in anticipation of your ‘therapy’. You are then invited to explore the exhibition, encountering meditative and restorative installations such as reflexology beds, hypnotic films with repetitive patterns that are echoed in sculptural works and multi sensory tactile installations.

The Mental Health Foundation is pleased to support the show, and to welcome its creators to take part in our discussion at The Dust of Everyday Life.

You can find out more about The Clinic on the website or on Facebook. The exhibition is at The Albus, 100 Brook Street, Glasgow, G40 3AP, until 25 April (Mon – Sat, 11am-6pm, Sun, 12pm-6pm), as part of Glasgow International.