To launch this year’s Talking Heads project, reporter Lorna Stewart has written a poem on the festival theme of Time. Look out for more articles and creative responses to festival events starting next week and continuing throughout October. 


The Hands of Time


Time is catching up with me

But I can’t catch time

She stands waiting for me

But I can’t see her


She stands alone


Apart from me



Then I look at you

And time seems to flow with you

Time and you work together

Almost walking together

Time and you are friends


Yet for me time is passing


I want to hold hands with time

But time has left me

I don’t know where she has gone


I must find her

Or what I’m doing has no place

My pace must match her

So I can catch her


She’s going too fast

She’s going too slow

She’s always here

But she’s disappeared


I’ll catch her though

But at my own pace

And I’ll settle in my space

With her

Settle in my place

With her

Holding hands with time


by Lorna Stewart