Talking Heads reporter Colin MacGregor attended a Wellbeing and Happiness Workshop at the Town House in Hamilton hosted by Britain’s Got Talent star and wellbeing practitioner Edward Reid, as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival. 

As we awaited permission to enter the hall, the gathering crowd, mostly ladies may I add, speculated about what the night would entail. “It’ll definitely be him singing”, said one. “It’ll be a laugh”, said another. All of a sudden everything went quiet as one woman piped up: “It’s meditating…we’ll be meditating.” Sure enough, she was right, as was everyone else for that matter.

You see, not only is Edward Reid a fantastic entertainer, he is also a qualified wellbeing practitioner and, let me assure you, not one person would have left that hall disappointed. The night started more like “an audience with…” style show, as Edward created a comfortable environment with his own brand of wit interspersed with a few of his songs. Then it was down to the business of the workshop and by this time Edward had the audience with him all the way.

Prior to the meditation, Edward made the quote of the night: “Don’t worry,” he said. “You’ll not wake up half naked eating a raw onion and dry humping a mic stand – it’s not that kind of show.” But then, for a whole 14 minutes, the audience submitted themselves to a trance-like meditation, while Edward relayed instructions in a dulcet tone. I, for one, fell into a relaxing state of mind and felt afterwards that I had to shake my head and establish again just where I was.

Alas, my lift home had to drag me away early, and I left just as everyone was getting on their feet to do a little dancing workshop. That’s something I don’t do, but I left the workshop with a smile on my face, knowing everyone in that hall would sleep well tonight.

Edward is a class act with an exceptionally endearing personality, enabling him to put on workshops like this with confidence that they’ll be a success. Edward Reid, box ticked.

by Colin MacGregor 


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