Almost two years ago, a group of mental health patients discussed the idea of uniting mental health sufferers with a hidden talent into a single entertainment company. What progressed from those early meetings was the will of Stuart Doig and myself to make an impact and build a supportive organisation for talented mental health sufferers.

From our hard work, Fool On was created, through which we would educate sufferers in the arts, ranging from stand-up comedy and performance to singing and music. Our goal was to use our workshops to encourage all anxiety sufferers and those with a lack of confidence to reach different levels in performance. By progressing through these levels, mental health sufferers would be able to reach a point where they were finally able to perform to the public.

In Time You Will Recover, which takes place at Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre on Tuesday 25 October as part of SMHAFF, demonstrates the progress that these people have made and highlights the talent they have not previously been able to showcase due to their anxieties.

At Fool On, participants start by going attending the workshops themselves and on a regular basis, before they develop the confidence and ability to perform to the group. Next, Fool On takes the budding performers to the mental health wards of Lanarkshire hospitals, where they perform most weeks to small but enthusiastic audiences.

Taking it a level further are shows like In Time You Will Recover, where it’s not just about the comedy and the singing, but the art of performance also comes in to play. Having been a part of the organisation, I can recommend an afternoon of surprising talent that will inspire anyone suffering from mental health issues in the audience to want to take part.

Knowing the musical and comedy content of this show, I am sure you will have a pleasant afternoon, and all tickets are completely free. Please support these extraordinary performers as they combat their anxieties to bring to you a standard of entertainment that deserves to be recognised.

by Colin MacGregor


In Time You Will Recover takes place from 1–3pm on Tuesday 25 October at Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre in Bellshill. For full details, click here.