We are seeking submissions for a new book documenting the lives of trans people from across the world.
The book is a partnership between the Mental Health Foundation, Freight Books and the National Theatre of Scotland’s Adam World Choir
If you are transgender, intersex or non-binary and have a story to tell about your life – and, in particular, your achievements, the challenges you have faced and what it’s like where you live – we would like to hear it.
As a result of stigma, prejudice and violence, many trans people live with poor mental health, and suicide rates are high. The Mental Health Foundation believes that sharing human stories is one of the most powerful ways of challenging prejudice. We hope to create a book that will serve as an educational tool – increasing understanding and acceptance – as well as empowering others to share their own stories.
Submissions can be anywhere between 500 and 3000 words long and should be sent to adamworldchoir@nationaltheatrescotland.com
with the subject line Mental Health Foundation Book.
The book will be published in English but if you are more comfortable writing in another language please get in touch and we will arrange for translation.
Freight Books, The Mental Health Foundation and National Theatre of Scotland are delighted to be able to offer a small fee for all published submissions.
Fifty per cent of the book’s profits will be divided between the ongoing work of the Adam World Choir project and the Mental Health Foundation’s arts programme. The other 50 per cent will be retained by Freight, a small, independent Glasgow-based publisher which has been strongly supportive of LGBT authors and issues.