The corridor was bland as I remember it. A grey as of nothing with pipes and a wooden floor. We only used to go from place to place in it. Yet, for some time now, there have been pictures in the hallway. Gallery Two. It’s good to fill spaces.

The walls don’t look shabby now. As people started to come in for the opening, I sat with the artist, Alan Straiton, for a couple of minutes discussing the paintings (and nerves, of course). And the brush strokes. The content.

I had seen the first painting at the top of the stairs. It was red and blue with white on it. Which looked like waves to me. Also, a piece of work in what looked like an aquarium in a picture. Thought it looked like a sea wall and had the colours there too. There are about eight pictures in all.

The corridor was getting more people into it as the minutes passed. People discussing the pictures, discussing the artist. A low murmur in the hallway and people talking downstairs. And on the landing. Talking about the reds and blues.

I thought that the place to put the pictures was excellent. And the artist milling around talking to his friends and others. I would suggest you go see this exhibition if you can. I suggest you sit for a while in the space. I suggest that you look at the detail in the pictures.

I would like to describe the pictures to you in detail. But I think that would spoil the experience. They are hung in Gallery II at Project Ability, where it is free to get in to view and leave a comment. Hope to see you there.

by Stuart Low

Image: Alan Straiton, Boy II


Some Pictures is on in Gallery II at Project Ability until 11 November. It is open from 10am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday, and entry is free.