The Dutch Gable House is a small but beautifully fascinating treasure at the heart of Greenock. I’ve visited many times and never wanted to escape! However, people are now being invited to attempt exactly that at the museum’s Escape Room Experience, developed for SMHAF 2017 by Trust Volunteering’s Catriona MacLeod and Valerie Campbell, along with a team of volunteers.

The event is based around the historical scenario of people wishing to emigrate from Greenock to Nova Scotia, but finding themselves trapped within the room. Due to its size, it seems hard to imagine it would take anyone as much as 60 minutes to escape the town’s oldest building. Yet, to do so, participants must first work together to solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to find the various items necessary to escape to Canada.

The Escape Room Experience – which has already been trialled successfully at the Dutch Gable House earlier this month – will provide a thrilling adventure for those who dare to try and beat the clock!

This free event is being offered to both individuals and organisations. Three sessions take place daily on Tue 17 & Wed 18 Oct. Booking is required, and any donations will be given to the Mental Health Foundation.

To book, or for more information, please phone 01475 553 334, or email or

by Mark Jones