Jassy Earl chats with Dan Proverbs, founder of the campaign Brothers in Arms, and Duncan Cowles, a documentary film-maker currently working on his first feature Silent Men. They discuss men’s mental health, the barriers which inhibit men from opening up and the ways in which we can begin to talk and find other ways of talking about feelings, emotions and what goes on in our heads, during times of good and bad.

Jassy Earl is a photographer, videographer and performance maker. At the core of her practice is an emphasis on people, stories and the human experience, working with people, children and communities. Most recently she is interested in grief, loss and the dialogues we have around death, particularly with young people. To find out more about her work, visit her website

The music featured in the podcast is ‘Bermuda Triangle’ by Liam Chapman and Prehistoric Friends

Liam Chapman and Prehistoric Friends