I Am, a powerful new book of stories from transgender and non-binary people across the world, is now on sale with profits donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

I Am, created in partnership between the Mental Health Foundation and the National Theatre of Scotland, is a collection of fascinating, moving tales about growing up as a transgender or non-binary person in countries from Russia to Nigeria and Pakistan to Portugal. Launched at this year’s Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, it tells true stories about survival, hope, joy and endurance and finding a place to call home – and can now be purchased online here as a paperback or an e-book.

I Am was developed in partnership between the Mental Health Foundation, the National Theatre of Scotland and the Adam World Choir, a digital community of transgender and non-binary people from all around the world, assembled to be part of the theatre show Adam, which premiered at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe and is touring the UK throughout 2018.

The book includes an introduction from leading Scottish playwright Jo Clifford, whose show Eve, for the National Theatre of Scotland was shown alongside Adam in 2017 and also tours again in 2018.

I Am is supported by Freight Design, with cover design by Soofiya, a visual artist whose practice and writings aim to articulate a commentary on gender, race, politics and bodies.

Elaine Gallagher, editor of I Am, said: “I am proud to have been part of this project, and delighted that the Adam World Choir and SMHAF are giving trans and non-binary people another opportunity for their voices to be heard. I hope that the different points of view and stories in I Am will help readers understand better that we all just want to live our lives.”

Leonie Gasson, Project Manager, National Theatre of Scotland, said: “We are delighted to share this unique set of extraordinary stories collected from the Adam World Choir, giving people all over the world a platform to share their experiences. This is a book whose power derives from the honesty and strength of those contributing, the writers have something they want to share with the world and the National Theatre of Scotland is thrilled to be a part of that.”

Andrew Eaton-Lewis, arts lead for the Mental Health Foundation, said: “Many trans people across the world live with poor mental health because of the impact of prejudice, stigma, and isolation. Like so much of the work we do, this book aims to increase understanding, empathy, and acceptance by offering people a platform to tell their own stories. We were delighted to support this project, and to launch it as part of this year’s Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.”

Events promoting I Am are planned for throughout 2018 – keep an eye on the SMHAF website and social media channels for announcements.

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