MenTalkHealth is at the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, meeting some of the amazing contributors and hearing their own unique stories and experiences of mental health.

In the second special episode of the podcast, join Davey as he meets with Edinburgh based artist, Andrew Henderson, to discuss how his art sculptures speak to his relationship with mental illness. Andrew’s work is part of the brilliant All, Entire, Whole exhibition, curated by our guest host Sean McGugan.

***Trigger Warning*** 

This episode does talk around the subject of suicide in an important and healthy way. If this is a possible trigger, that’s okay. Join us on the next episode instead.

About MenTalkHealth

Just how honest can two men be? With a broad history of mental health issues between them, join Davey, Damian and their friends on a journey to find humour in some of their darkest moments and try to get men talking about their own mental health.

This episode was edited by Davey Shields, with sound by Corbin Sounds.

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