Podcaster Nina Abeysuriya interviewed some of the artists involved in Out Of Sight Out Of Mind, an annual exhibition which takes place each October at Summerhall in Edinburgh, for Being On The Inside. It gives a fascinating insight into why the artists got involved, how their work relates to their experiences with mental health, and the impact they hoped it would have on those who came to see it. 

Nina said: “Out of Sight Out Of Mind is an art exhibition at Edinburgh’s Summerhall. A combination of 180 people’s work. What makes this unique is that all the exhibitors have had an experience of mental illness.

“Following my visit, I got to chat to three of this years artists and in this episode you get to hear how we caught up in the gallery over some cake. The podcast covers some fascinating subjects, sexuality, societal labels, transgender phobia, boxes, mental illness, trauma and self esteem.

“This podcast deals with some difficult subjects, but is an inspiring and positive piece. If you feel it may trigger any issues of your own please listen with care. If you’re worried about your mental health or just need to reach out, there are always places you can do that and you can find some phone numbers below.”

Nina is an Edinburgh based writer, mother, barista, baker, candle stick maker! She has aspirations of singing to a bigger audience than her dog and is a keen jumpsuit enthusiast. Building on her involved with the Talking Heads project at SMHAF 2019, she now hosts the podcast Being On The Inside.

Being On The Inside is a new podcast unpacking issues of mental health and wellbeing, spirituality, race, social justice and culture. Conversations with cake and compassion. From the ordinary to the extraordinary stories of amazing people. To hear more episodes, visit the website or subscribe on iTunes

Get Support

Breathing Space: 0800 838 587

Edinburgh Crisis Centre: 0808 801 0414

Samaritans: 116 123