This opportunity is now closed, look out for the commisioned work coming soon. 

What does isolation mean to you, what impact does it have on your mental health, and how do you cope with it?

Many people were already experiencing isolation for reasons unconnected to coronavirus (COVID-19) – long-term health problems, disabilities, family breakdown, poverty etc – all of which can affect mental health. Many of these problems will have been exacerbated by the current crisis.

The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival wishes to commission five artistic responses to the theme ‘my experience of isolation’ that can be showcased via SMHAF’s website. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, we want to amplify the creative voices of people who already understand isolation, in the interests of solidarity, empathy and the sharing of wisdom and experience.

We are happy to hear proposals spanning all art-forms – music, film, animation, writing, visual art etc – as long as the work can be created in isolation and shared online through SMHAF’s website. The successful proposals will be compellingly presented and have something insightful to say about the causes and effects of isolation and mental health.

Each selected artist will receive a fee of £500 inclusive of all costs and materials. 

To enter, please send a short proposal – one paragraph maximum if in writing; we can also accept proposals by audio or video – plus examples of previous work and an estimate of how long it would take you to make and submit your piece. We will not prioritise applicants who are able to make work more quickly. We can also be flexible around access needs.

Please send proposals and any questions to Gail Aldam at

The deadline for submissions is Friday 1 May at 5pm. However it may be possible to extend this if there are reasons why you need extra time.