Documentary maker and person centred therapist Rebecca Day and SMHAF award winner Tim Mercier discuss the unique challenges of the pandemic.

At the end of the second week of UK lockdown, American author Bryann Andreá tweeted, "This is a pandemic. Not a productivity contest." Retweeted over 97,000 times, her observation clearly hit a nerve. When the pressure to produce creative work can be at odds with how to best take care of ourselves, how do we balance our practice to serve, not threaten, our mental health? When is being productive actually destructive? Is this an opportunity to publicly destigmatise myths around creative work, productivity and mental health, and to exorcise the spectre of the 'tortured artist' for good?

Join Rebecca Day and Tim Mercier as we discuss the unique challenges the pandemic presents to creative practice and mental health, whether working alone or with collaborators.

Rebecca Day is a documentary maker and person-centred psychotherapist, offering counselling and consulting services to film practitioners through her organisation Film In Mind. Filmmaker Tim Mercier won the SMHAF 2019 Personal Narrative Award for his film, Model Childhood, and has been working on an improvised comedy series, Monitor Lizards, throughout lockdown.

Fri May 22, 11-12.30pm

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