Unlocked Art Gallery is an online gallery of art and mental health produced during lockdown by people from Edinburgh & Lothians.

In the current lockdown many people have been reaching for the arts and finding there something that we need: expression, connection, a feeling, a focus for our minds and hands. Either through the arts of others, or by making our own. At CAPS Independent Advocacy we are particularly interested in the experiences of people who have mental health issues, and we would like to share what the arts mean to people during the lockdown.

The invitation:

Are you a person who has lived experience of mental health issues, living in Edinburgh & Lothians, who has been taking part in art during the coronavirus lockdown?

Have you been drawing, painting, dancing, listening to music, or anything else arts related? Have you been struggling to take part in art? By arts, we mean all forms – drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry, writing, photography, film, animation, music, dance and all the others.

If so, we would like to share your artwork and experiences of taking part in the arts during lockdown, through an online gallery.

Visit unlockedartgallery.com to see the artworks.

To receive a copy of the full invitation and guidance please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Image: Out of Sight Out of Mind 2018, at Summerhall, Edinburgh. Photo by Chris Scott. Artwork by Stephanie Wilson.


Unlocked Art Gallery