The exhibition All, Entire, Whole was created by See Me Community Champion Sean McGugan as part of SMHAF 2019. This year All Entire Whole has returned as a series of online events.

The project tells stories and shares work from a number of artists aiming to change the way people think about mental health to help start conversations and challenge stigma.

Sean started the exhibition because he believes that art is one of the best ways overcoming mental health stigma. He said:

Art gives us new literacies to communicate and tell stories that we may find too difficult to tell verbally.


I think the most difficult stigma to overcome is self-stigma and self-realisation, but art can create a connection to something that breaks this down and gives us an opportunity to tell difficult stories. It empowers.


The project aims to enable visitors to understand themselves and others. The artists involved have a range of lived experiences with mental health and just hearing their stories, alongside their work, has been a really positive experience for me.

All, Entire, Whole features artists Chris Sav, Deborah Wickham, Elizabeth Ellis-Huddleston, Lea Molinier, Marie-Claire Lacey, Morin Fenton, Sasha Saben Callaghan. 


Click on each gallery to see the artworks, find out more about the artists, and watch short films featuring them talking about their relationship with mental health and the arts. 

Anti-Stigma Summer Sessions: Conversation with Chris Sav and Elizabeth Ellis-Huddleston 

A conversation with All Entire Whole artists, Ellie Ellis-Huddleston and Chris Sav, speaking about art and mental health as part of See Me’s Anti-Stigma Summer Sessions. 

If you would like more information about the See Me’s work with the arts please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..