The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival announced at the online International Film Awards that the winner of the Grand Jury Prize is Love Bound. 

Directed by Vibe Mogensen, this Danish documentary follows a group of parents in an otherwise silent therapy room as they struggle to support their adult children with mental illness. It is an intense and emotional film that explores the impact that enduring mental illness can have on the unconditional bond between parents and children and asks profound questions about how mental healthcare can best support young people and their families.

Accepting the Mid-Length Documentary award, Mogensen said: 

My angle to making this film is based on personal experiences. I am a next of kin, and I am an artist. That the film resonates with you is a joy and That the film resonates with you is a joy and comfort to me. It cannot be a finer award. 


I would like to thank the participants in the film, the next of kin group and their children, who were brave enough to stand up who were brave enough to stand up and break taboos. And thanks to the film crew who found And thanks to the film crew who found the work so important also, because they themselves have relationships they themselves have relationships with mentally ill people. 


Thanks to Bullitt Film and to the Danish Film Institute and TV 2 Denmark for believing us. And thank you to my family and friends and to And thank you to my family and friends and to my inspiring and loveable kids.

The film has had an impact in Denmark, leading to a meeting with the Danish parliament, and it is a film that we believe can go on to have an impact more widely. SMHAF presents its International Premiere, screening online at INDY On Demand, from 17-23 May. 

Hannah Currie, a filmmaker who was part of the jury said: 

The jurors were unanimous in their love for this film and all agreed its message should be seen/heard everywhere. I believe that adopting support groups like this around the world would dramatically improve the wellbeing of families coping with mental illness.

The International Film Awards ceremony was hosted by Gail Porter and honoured ten films, from Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Iran, the UK – including three Scottish winners – and the USA. It also featured music by Francis Macdonald and an exclusive performance from Withered Hand. Watch the full ceremony again on Facebook or YouTube.

The reception was attended by guests including Zinnie Harris, whose debut short film A Glimpse, won the Short Drama award at SMHAF, Judy Rebick, Canadian radical and activist who is the subject of Mike Hoolboom’s Human Rights award-winner Judy Versus Capitalism, and award-winning Scottish filmmakers Bonnie MacRae, Will Hewitt and Austen McCowan.

Congratulations to all the award winners. Click on the images below to view clips and acceptance speeches and, most importantly, find out how you can watch these films online.

Award Winners