Out of Sight Out of Mind is an ambitious multimedia exhibition, which proudly showcases artworks made by more than 100 exhibitors who have lived experience of mental health issues. Returning for its ninth year, the exhibition will be held at Summerhall in Edinburgh from 13-30 October 2021 and online. 

This year, the exhibition has even more relevance for audiences, coming at a time when mental health and wellbeing have been discussed widely during the past 18 months in the public realm. 

Organisers will create a welcoming and inclusive environment, which promotes self-expression and allows us all to observe our diverse human experiences whilst celebrating the parts which connect and unify us. One organiser said:

“This is a beautiful collaboration of unique voices lifting each other up and placing fragments of humanity together, shaping a whole.”

The exhibition shows paintings, drawings, prints, films, sculptures, and installations, both at Summerhall and — following its first online exhibition in 2020 — on the Out of Sight Out of Mind website. The work celebrates the diversity and power of humans, exploring our respective worlds and experiences. There will also be a series of events, including Out of Sight Out of Mind Uncovered, an opportunity to meet some of the exhibitors. 

In the midst of life’s challenges, Out of Sight Out of Mind creates a space for people’s voices to be shared and heard. When brought together at the exhibition, a community of solidarity and support is created, where differences and commonalities make us all the more powerful when we speak. One participant said: 

“During this time, these last 18 months, the exhibition has been a focus that has stopped me being pulled into the really dark spots. I feel really comfortable in this space, almost.”

Out of Sight Out of Mind will open with an online launch on the evening of Tuesday 12 October, and open at Summerhall from 13-30 of October and online at outofsightoutofmind.scot. There is no need to book your visit. Organisers and exhibitors look forward to welcoming you to the exhibition.

Out of Sight Out of Mind is hosted by CAPS Independent Advocacy, funded by Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership. It is part of the year-round Edinburgh Thrive Arts Programme, and the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival’s year-round programme. Other organisations involved in planning the 2020 exhibition MECOPP Gypsy/Travellers Carers Project.

Join the Online Launch!

This will be the first opportunity to see the artworks of the 2021 exhibition together, and we will hear from some of the OOSOOM team and project supporters. Please sign up below or by getting in touch directly.

The launch takes place on Tuesday 12 October from 6-7.30pm. Sign up for the launch here: https://artsvp.co/6b5d04.

If there is something we can do that will meet your access needs for the online launch then please get in touch, and we will work with you within our capacity to meet them.

Out of Sight Out of Mind

A multimedia exhibition of art made by people with experience of mental health issues. 

Launch: Tuesday 12 October, 6pm-7.30pm. Sign up here.

Exhibition: Summerhall, Edinburgh, 13-30 October, Wednesday-Sunday 12-5pm (Saturdays 11am-6pm)

OOSOOM Uncovered: An opportunity to meet the exhibitors, Tuesday 26 October, 2-4pm, online

Further events and booking details will be confirmed at outofsightoutofmind.scot. Follow the exhibition on Facebook for all the latest updates.