We are delighted to announce the publication of Perch: The View From Here, A Special Issue on Living in the Time of COVID, the latest edition of the Perch creative arts journal, in partnership with the Programme for Recovery and Community Health at Yale University. 

This special issue includes poetry, prose, visual art, and music created during the COVID-19 pandemic. It amplifies the voices of ordinary people living through an extraordinary time. Contributors come from around the world and include people in recovery.

Writer Andrew Solomon (The Noonday Demon, Far From the Tree) had to say about The View From Here:

“This moving and profound collection of essays, poems, and images amplifies voices that would otherwise go unheard as they narrate our generation’s shared trauma. They reveal the devilry of a virus that always complicated and sometimes destroyed life. While the opinions of public health experts and privileged commentators have flooded the airwaves, the stories of people living under more difficult circumstances even pre-COVID have been harder to locate. In The Perch, those voices are amplified so that we can recognize the extensive costs of fear and loss. The courage of these writers and artists is matched only by their creativity, creating a volume that is both sobering and uplifting, an invaluable document of a perilous moment, testimony to the resilience that often-marginalized people can achieve in the face of crisis.” 

You can view the journal below or here:

The Perch. Vol. 6 Fall 2021