Talking Heads volunteer Paul Duncan composed this piece of music in response to Photography Revolution, a photography exhibition by participants at Dundee mental health charity Wellbeing Works.

Reflecting light and stillness, and the process of creativity and the essential part this can play in all of our wellbeing. Some Revolutions are ongoing, peaceful, and very quiet.

Paul Duncan is a classically trained musician who is currently based in Perth and who composes music both as an outlet for his creativity and also for the therapeutic value that it brings into his wellbeing. Short examples of his compositions are on his Soundcloud page.

Photography Revolution

Wellbeing Works presents an exhibition of photographs taken by members of their photography group. Participants created the collection using various techniques, including water drop, viscosity, and the use of glass, props and tools to create images.

None of the group had used these techniques before, and the experience has revolutionised their attitudes and approach to photography. All the photographs on this page are by participants at Wellbeing Works.

Visit the exhibition at The Studio at V&A Dundee on Friday 15 December from 10am – 5pm.