The annual Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival is led by the Mental Health Foundation.

The Mental Health Foundation are working for an end to mental ill health and the inequalities that face people experiencing mental distress, living with learning disabilities or reduced mental capacity.

They develop and run research and delivery programmes across the UK that have, for more than six decades, given us the evidence and expertise to know what works and how to intervene earlier.

They use what they learn to help everyone by offering straightforward and clear information on every aspect of mental health and learning disabilities.

Their advice also helps people help the people they care about too - in their families, their communities or their work. They influence policymakers and advocate for changes in services, using firm evidence and the voices of people with direct experience of the issues.

They are prepared to "speak truth to power" and to campaign on the issues that affect public mental health and wellbeing and the lives of people who have, or are close to someone with a learning disability. They aim to inspire the development of a society free from stigma and discrimination, where everyone can achieve their potential to flourish and thrive.