Stephanie Katie Hunter

Stephanie Katie Turner, artistic director of Scissor Kick, talks about the challenges of producing shows in which artists explore mental health.


Caitlin Skinner

Caitlin Skinner, CEO of Stellar Quines, talks about the challenges of creating a culture of wellbeing in an arts organisation.


Amy Conway

Amy Conway talks about what she learned from making an autobiographical show about her mental health.


Ross Mackay

Ross Mackay talks about exploring his experiences of depression through directing theatre shows and writing children’s books.


Juliette Burton

Comedian and activist Juliette Burton talks about the benefits, and dangers, of talking about mental health on stage.


Robert Softley Gale

Robert Softley Gale of Birds of Paradise theatre company shares his thoughts on mental health and accessibility.


Caroline Horton

Caroline Horton talks about exploring her own struggles with anorexia and depression in her theatre shows Mess and All of Me.