Isla Cowan: Consumed

Playwright and theatre-maker Isla Cowan has created Consumed, a new spoken-word audio piece addressing disordered eating.

Looking back on “Mental”: interview with the vacuum cleaner

A few hours before the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival double-bill in Glasgow’s Tramway Theatre, our reporter Elaine Kordys met James from the vacuum cleaner. They talked about his piece Mental, a piece described as “one of the most powerful portraits of creativity and depression I’ve ever seen… a heart-rending journey” by a reviewer […]

The Assessment: Assessed

It is not often that on entering a venue to see a performance one is met with an atmosphere of trepidation. On the announcement that ‘The Assessment’ was ready for it’s audience there was a strange delay before one member finally went forward with his ticket. We then weaved our way through the Arches underground […]

Interview with Howl[ing] director Drew Taylor: ‘I wanted to create something that documents our post-referendum time’

Promising to be an epic concert of words and music for post referendum Scotland, Howl [ing] will be performed at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh and the Arches in Glasgow as part of Glasgay! and the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. After last week’s preview in the Arches Café Bar, SMHAFF reporter Rob […]