Performative Space: Interview with Clare Robertson and Stefanie Blum

A conversation between Clare Robertson, Stefanie Blum and Talking Heads volunteer Bilyana Palankasova about the participatory performance Home: A Performative Space, which featured at SMHAF 2021 with support from Thrive Edinburgh. Bilyana: How did you decide to work together and how does that sit with your individual practices? How do you see your individual practices […]

Conversations for Change 2021

Conversations for Change was a public art project about mental health that See Me and CAPS Advocacy ran in Edinburgh in 2015. Last Wednesday saw the book launch of two books produced as part of the original project, and a chance to revisit the central question:

Is mental health a difficult topic of conversation…?

Podcast: Mind Matters with Sasha Greene and Angela McCrimmon

In this Mind Matters podcast for the Talking Heads project at SMHAF 2021, Michael McEwan speaks to writers Sasha Greene and Angela McCrimmon about writing and mental health. Sasha Greene is the Scottish author of Something Like Happy, a novel which explores mental health issues, and is passionate about mental health and diversity.  Angela McCrimmon is […]

Window Watching Bird Enthusiast

Talking Heads volunteer Nic Saunders has written this account exploring how watching birds helped during lockdown and taking part in poet Ken Cockburn’s workshop at SMHAF 2021, ‘Where Are the Birds Taking Me?’. When the first lockdown started last year and we were asked to stay at home, the hyperactive energy that usually permeated the […]

Podcast: Mind Matters

In this Mind Matters podcast for the Talking Heads project at SMHAF 2021, Michael McEwan interviews Janine from the Well Happy Band and Ayrshire-based singer-songwriter Michelle Connolly.


What is normality?

If you’re so inclined – and many of us are – the idea of normality can be a pretty toxic stick to beat yourself with.

Representations of Schizophrenia in Popular Film

Schizophrenia is a heavily stigmatised mental illness. This video looks at the representation of schizophrenia and its symptoms in a collection of Western films in order to identify trends and work out which narratives are broadcast to the world at large through our entertainment.