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THRIVE: Reclaim Your Self - Discussion Group with Shaaron Skinner (12-16)

Discussion group for 12-16 year olds, with Shaaron Skinner of Thrive in Scotland. We all know someone who is positive, confident and strong. Someone who bounces back from the events and experience life throws at them. Someone who is thriving, who loves their life. These people weren't born this way. they learnt to be like this, and you can too. In Reclaim Your Self, we will look at how films and books portray mental health. We will also highlight how stigma is changing, discuss celebrities and their personal experiences, and encourage you to think privately about your own mental health, beliefs and impact on them by the media.

Elgin Library, Cooper Park, Elgin IV30 1HS, UK

Mon 16th Oct
3PM - 4:30PM
Tue 17th Oct
3PM - 4:30PM

Free but reservation recommended.

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