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Short Films: Normality? I

Film Discussion

What is normality? These short films explore how our daily lives and mental health are influenced by sexuality, neurodiversity, body image and long-term health conditions.

Featuring both drama and documentary, the protagonists in these short films turn to dressing up, creativity, art and music to sustain an identity through which they can navigate their challenging worlds.

Watch Normality? I at INDY On Demand. Screening 3-9 May for UK audiences. Runtime: 77m.

Join us for a Zoom Q&A with the filmmakers at 5pm on Friday 7 May.


Factory Talk, Lucie Rachel & Chrissie Hyde, UK, 5m, Scottish Premiere
The psychological impact of toxic masculinity is laid bare in this intergenerational conversation set in a rural factory. Content: homophobia.

Is It Me, Christopher McGill, UK, 10m, Scottish Premiere
Winner of the Personal Narrative award at SMHAF 2021

An intimate portrait of a bio drag queen struggling with body dysmorphia as she prepares for a night out. Content: Discussion of body dysmorphia.

Being Someone Else, Øyvind Aamli, Norway, 8m, Scottish Premiere
13-year-old Imogen meticulously crafts her latest cosplay creation, while discussing her struggles with autism and loneliness.

Mind Mending, Markus Schröder, UK, 17m, Scottish Premiere
After a stroke at the age of 36, musician Filipe visits music festivals dressed as a rabbit to raise awareness about the impact it has had on his mental and physical health. Content: alcohol, strong language

Shade Guzzling, Ulrike Korbach, Germany, 20m, Scottish Premiere
A raw insight into the normality of violist, author and artist Anke Ames, whose experiences with bipolar disorder have shaped her life and art. Content: discussion of self-harm and suicide attempts.

Harmonic Spectrum, Will Hewitt & Austen McCowan, UK, 17m
Winner of the Short Documentary award at SMHAF 2021
An insightful documentary following autistic musician Sean as he navigates the Covid-19 pandemic and the difficulties of adapting to a new normal.

Image: Is It Me


Mon 3rd - Sun 9th May
UK Audiences

Tickets: Pay What You Can (FREE, £2, £4, £6)

SMHAF Film Pass: £15 / £10

Book & WatchINDY On Demand

Accessibility: All films in this programme have captions available.


Fri 7th May
5PM - 6PM

Tickets: FREE


Accessibility: Live captioning will be provided for the discussion. If you have any further access requirements, please email Emily at [email protected].