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Gathering for Gatherers

Workshop Discussion

What does it mean to be together, why do we gather and how do we do so in a way that truly serves everybody who is present?

Gathering for Gatherers is an online workshop celebrating the culmination of a month-long remote residency in which SMHAF Associate Artist Emma Jayne Park will bring together people whose work is focused on the importance of gathering to discuss different ways of belonging, sharing and being in a community.

Gathering for Gatherers is the first public event in a year-long programme to develop a new Mental Health Arts Network, to support people who work in the arts and mental health, across Scotland and the rest of the UK, through gathering together in different ways and sharing knowledge, experience, and resources.

The workshop will be followed by an afternoon event, Towards a Mental Health Arts Network. We would love to know what you think so please join us!

Gathering is supported by Creative Scotland. The Mental Health Arts Network is supported by the Baring Foundation.


After a year in which ‘normal’ modes of sharing space with our communities has been interrupted, many artists who focus on bringing people together have been pushed to revisit the basis of their work.

What does it mean to be together, why do we gather and how do we do so in a way that truly serves those present?

Three freelance artists will come together as part of a conversational residency, meeting a few hours each week for five weeks to share their practice, experiences and hopes for the future.

During these sessions they will welcome guests who also work to bring people together, culminating in a Manifesto for Gathering: this may be a cohesive piece of writing or a collage of thought – we don’t know yet because we have yet to gather!

The closing event ‘Gathering for Gatherers’ is being developed throughout these conversations. All we know for sure is that it will be part conversation and part workshop for those curious about what it means to be together and how we create ways to belong in both our permanent and transient communities.

You will be able to follow the project as it unfolds via a series of blogs and online sharings at



Wed 19th May
10:30AM - 12PM

Price: FREE

Book: Eventbrite