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Supporting Mental Health Through Cultural Connections

What’s the role of cultural activities to connect and support mental health? How has it adapted over the last year, and how can small community activities support a return to “normality” and support “re-entry anxiety”? And linking to the ongoing Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival theme, what (and whose) normality do we mean anyway?

Join us for our next lunchtime Culture and Wellbeing Live discussion. We’ll be joined by three speakers sharing their perspectives including:

  • Juliet Ridgway (Midlothian Libraries) sharing the role of libraries over the last year as key community anchors and how interventions such as Reading Aloud and bibliotherapy can support mental health
  • Sophie Bridger (Eden Project Communities Scotland) on learning from the changing boundaries around the Big Lunch - sharing food and eating with neighbours - and the role it can play moving forward with the month of community including the Big Lunch itself
  • Ailsa Villegas (NHS Highland, Think Health Think Nature) on the role of green spaces, links to NHS and including their current Green Health Week and how culture can continue to grow outdoors.
  • And it will be chaired by Lewis Hou (Science Ceilidh, Fun Palaces) who will feed in his experiences with Fun Palaces Scotland TV, Tiny Revolutions and programmes like the Ideas Fund.

We will then open up to questions and discussion on the live video directly and all are welcome to share their experiences, thoughts and projects and make connections.

How to Attend

  • To watch and comment, you must join the Culture and Wellbeing Facebook group from 1pm. This is also being livestreamed from the @FunPalacesScot Twitter account.
  • Facebook will being autocaptioning the live-stream.
  • This event is public, and we champion a kind and inclusive space and will moderate accordingly.

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Tue 18th May
1PM - 2PM