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Healing: Reflections of the Self


Presented in partnership with the Scottish Documentary Institute, this online screening and discussion explores healing in documentary filmmaking. 

Reflections of the Self

How does the making and sharing of films – treading a fine balance between visibility and vulnerability – create space for healing, from the perspective of filmmakers, subjects, and audiences?

Join us for an online conversation chaired by Noé Mendelle, director of the Scottish Documentary Institute, to explore the idea of healing in the context of documentary filmmaking.

Also part of the conversation will be Will Hewitt & Austen McCowan, co-directors of Harmonic Spectrum, which won the Short Documentary award at SMHAF 2021 and BAFTA Scotland for Best Short Film & Animation, and Beth Allan and Lindsay Devereux, producer and subject of That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore, which won the Short Documentary award at SMHAF 2020 and BAFTA Scotland for Best Short Film.

Before the conversation, you will be able to watch five Scottish Documentary Institute films, which explore mental health through the prism of lived experiences and past narratives.

These will be available to view on INDY On Demand from Monday 29 November until Friday 3 December. 

Featured Films

Vivir Bailando, Inma De Reyes, UK, 14m

A sweet and uplifting film based in rural Spain where Cari (79) and Vicente (80) spend their life being in love and dancing to loud music. The film explores the effect that second chances may have in a relationship when grief gets involved.

Harmonic Spectrum, Will Hewitt, Austen McCowan, UK, 17m

The films follows Sean, a musician who uses the piano to navigate life on the Autistic Spectrum. The film presents a tender and honest portrait of what it means balance a life between sheer enthusiasm and compromise.

The Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore, Hanna Curie, UK, 12m

When Paul suffers a massive brain injury the long-lasting effects are bizarre and frustrating, leaving him caught in a perpetual loop of joke telling. This unique film explores the effect Paul’s injury has on his wife Lindsay and her struggle to deal with isolation and the pressure that arises in their relationship.

Only My Voice, Myriam Rey, UK, 11m

The film presents the diverse stories and dreams of migrant women living in Athens, Greece. This poetic and sensitive film takes us on an intimate journey around the city and makes us take a step back and listen to the small moments between a traumatic past and an uncertain but hopeful future.

Everyman, Jack Goessens, UK, 12m

Everyman is a personal visual essay on gender transition and the personal feelings that come with having a new life and identity. Director Jack Goessens tells his story by crafting an imaginative film where tropes and pop culture imagery is used to express how the world is different when living as a female compared to being perceived as a male.

About the Programme

Healing is a programme in three parts curated by Theo Panagopoulos for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, as part of Film Hub Scotland’s New Promoters Scheme.

Almost two years since the world turned upside down, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on how we can make space for healing in uncertain times. These events open up a series of conversations around healing, exploring it as an individual and collective process, as well as a discourse that allows us to reimagine the world we live in.

These screenings aim to address mental health in a calm, reflective and explorative manner, creating accessible and trigger-sensitive experiences for audiences with lived experience of mental ill health. Find out more here.

Supported by Film Hub Scotland, part of the BFI’s Film Audience Network, and funded by Screen Scotland and Lottery funding from the BFI.


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