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Pathways Sessions: Mental Health and Arts


An important conversation on the connection between mental health and arts, and its impact on wellbeing, recovery, and fighting stigma.
About this event

Join us for the first Scene Stirling Pathways Session of the year, for an important conversation on the connection between mental health and arts, and how a creative approach can have a significant impact on wellbeing, recovery, and fighting stigma.

The session will also be an opportunity to launch the 'Flyway' programme, led by Artlink Central and A Perch for the Thornbirds, and funded by the British Council.

We will hear perspectives of working with arts and mental health from the Chinese charity A Perch for the Thorn Birds, Forth Valley-based charity Reachout With Arts in Mind, and artist Sharon Quigley.

About the Speakers

A Perch for the Thorn Birds is a nonprofit mental health organisation based in China. Their mission is to empower, engage and promote expression and inclusion using transdisciplinary approaches to address mental health related issues. They actively produce original applied knowledge and tools based on their public actions to expand the possibility of diverse prevention and intervention for mental distress. They pride themselves on social artistry and their annual mental health and art festival "Pity Party".

Reachout With Arts in Mind is an innovative and inclusive award winning charity based in Alloa, which has been delivering creative opportunities, education and wellbeing to local communities aged 16 – 80 years experiencing life's challenges, mental ill health and disability since 1993. Using expressive arts as the vehicle; the service delivery model promotes informed wellbeing choices and mental health awareness to maintain wellbeing and prevent relapse.

​Sharon Quigley's practice balances collaboration and engagement with self directed studio practice. Sharon has undertaken several artistic residencies and public art commissions as a professional artist, which has allowed her to develop and employ a wide range of skills in creativity, design, community engagement and collaboration. Among other projects, Sharon Quigley led the 'Staring at the Ceiling. Looking at the Stars' project in collaboration with patients and staff at Bellsdyke Hospital, bringing insights on the mental health patients' world through an artistic perspective.

About 'Flyway'

'Flyway' is an art exhibition and programme using arts to promote mental health and wellbeing, featuring work by Scottish and Chinese artists. The programme is organised jointly by A Perch for Thorn Birds(刺鸟栖息地)and Artlink Central(艺术共链·中央区), non-profit organisations in China and Scotland, and funded by the British Council. Submissions are now open to professional and amateur artists and we encourage work from people with lived experience of mental health.

The programme includes online and physical exhibition of selected works from August 2021 in both China and Scotland, and a series of talks and activities, to promote creativity and mental health awareness, and to facilitate an open discussion on the topic between the two nations.

We aim to create a safe and open space to discuss mental health in a way that welcomes everyone who wishes to express and listen.

Chinese version:

“飞路Flyway中英精神健康艺术展”是以精神健康公共教育为目的公益艺术展览。该项目获得中英文化连线基金资助,由中国的非营利组织刺鸟栖息地(A Perch for Thorn Birds)和英国的社会企业Artlink Central(艺术共链·中央区)联合举办,集中展示来自中国和英国苏格兰地区的精神健康主题艺术创作。活动向职业艺术家和素人创作者开放,同时积极鼓励有精神困扰人士参与投稿并为有需要人士提供小额资助。项目计划于2021年8月在中国上海和苏格兰福特谷皇家医院就精选作品进行线上线下展览,同期举办一系列活动,促进行业交流,激发公众创造力,提高社会精神健康意识。“飞路Flyway”旨在创造一个安全开放的精神健康话题讨论场所,期待每一个愿意讲述和聆听的人。


Thu 13th May
11AM - 12:30PM

Tickets: Free

Booking: Eventbrite

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