Canalside Stories encompasses a mini series of workshops, walks and boat trips that will allow people to creatively explore and experience the value and role of green and blue spaces in looking after and improving mental health.

What we might learn from plants and their seeds as we transition from summer into autumn and winter. What alternative stories do they inspire? What lessons do they share about cycles of rest and re-emergence, resilience and community wellbeing?

Hannah from the Edinburgh Seed Network will lead this two-hour activity, starting with gathering seeds and stories along the side of the canal at Fountainbridge Green. We will spend time both inside and outside learning about the art of noticing, the power of the stories we tell and live by, and how to save and sow seeds from the local plants we encounter.

Bainfield Napier University Student Common Room
6 Bainfield Drive
Edinburgh EH11 1AR
Entrance is at the north east corner of the building, furthest from the canal on the side adjacent to Boroughmuir High School.

07716 745978

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