Blackout Poetry

Blackout Poetry gives you the opportunity to create by removing words from any printed text to change its meaning.

In this workshop, CL Gamble will introduce you to the blackout poetry method which was used to create their artwork Between The Lines. Blocking out certain words creates new meanings we are in control of. Poetry emerges through a process of elimination, paring down the text until it is transformed into something new.

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SMHAF is delighted to be supporting the Scotland-wide release of Final Ascent: The Legend of Hamish MacInnes, with Q&As at CCA, Filmhouse, An Lanntair and Eden Court, and screenings across the country. 

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The Art of Sleep

Some of us sleep well, some of us don’t. Why do we sleep? And how much do we need sleep? What do our dreams mean and how to they influence us from our waking lives? Is it normal to sleep well?

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The Queer Dot: Gender Neutral Clothes Swap

The Queer Dot hosts this trans and nonbinary inclusive event to help you find clothes that fit your body and soul.

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