Vitality is Normality

Community Online

An online fire community gathering to create a common place where all can belong. We shall connect with the element of fire as a life-giving energy that animates the spirit and heart.

As we face the most socially disconnected times in our collective and personal histories, it is vital to create a space that builds a sense of community. When we share, we find a common ground and sense of belonging that we can all be part of.

Led by a Firekeeper, this event provides a social space to share your stories and what is in your heart to express, release and renew those parts in you that need to feel heard and seen. This event will be held as a safe container, where we will be a witness to each other as we move through these very challenging and ever-changing times. All you need is a candle and the spark in your heart!

Online Exhibition ONLINE

Mon 3rd May
7PM - 9PM

Tickets: £5 / £3 / Donation

Book: PayPal: [email protected]