Find your Centre with Mandala Bean Art and Meditation

Visual Arts Workshop

Make your mandala with colourful beans and quiet the mind with meditation and creative visualisation. Find your focus and concentration with creativity to flow throughout your new life.

A mandala is a circle that becomes a container to hold your ideas and emotions. In this workshop, you will create your own personal mandala with different beans according to your imagination.

This workshop will take place on Zoom. It will begin with a relaxing meditation with a crystal and incense to quiet the mind and find the right focus and concentration to realise a mandala. As you work, Giada will introduce and explain the history, process and meaning of mandalas in a very easy way, from nature to religion, to art and more, showing incredible pictures of mandalas in the world.

When you are driving your attention to a specific task, you become completely absorbed. This is exactly like meditation: you are concentrated in the actual moment. This opens your doors to relaxation and deeper access to your creative soul.

The gesture of “making” makes you happy and proud, as self-expression can help to let go of negative thoughts and experiences. If you are balanced within yourself, you can bring the right energy to your everyday life, and the concept of “normality” simply becomes the beautiful flow of the different happenings that do not have the power to influence you, when you are centred.

When your work is completed, you will be guided through a creative visualisation to reconnect with your inner centre, and you will be asked to choose three beans and plant them with some cotton and water in front of your window at home and watch them germinate and grow. They will be your new seeds for the next months.

Materials, including beans, a crystal and incense, will be posted by mail to attendees living in Edinburgh. Bookings are accepted until one week prior to the event date to allow for shipment.



Sat 8th May
2PM - 3:30PM


Price: FREE