Sketch & Wander (From Your Sofa)

Visual Arts Workshop Online

A unique online sketching experience where we bring the outdoors inside.

Create art ‘alone together’ in a group Zoom workshop, where you’ll sketch each other’s outside images to a soundtrack of personally chosen tunes.

This workshop of up to 10 people will take place on Zoom, which is free and simple to use from a desktop computer, laptop or phone. There will be a short, simple meditation to make space for some creativity followed by some fun mark-making warm up exercises before starting.

Participants will be invited to sketch from each other’s photos, which they have taken during one of their own previous walks. No sketching experience is needed; it’s the process that matters regardless of skill level.

Photos from each of the group will be shared on screen throughout the session, along with their personally chosen piece of music. The images could be of a tree in their garden, weeds in a wall, a favourite view, a post box. Something they have noticed that ‘spoke to them’ on their wandering. It’s not compulsory to have your camera or microphone on during this workshop, although tea drinking is encouraged.

Feel free to use materials you can probably find from round the home: coloured felt pens of various thickness, coloured pencils or crayons, although an art material pack can be posted out in advance of the workshop.

About the Artist

Lynn Fraser is a visual artist whose usual art practice is painting onto people’s skin ‘with therapeutic intent’ - as part of mental health and wellbeing. She has facilitated various body-art workshops including ‘The Stories Within Us’ (2019) for Out of Sight Out of Mind (OOSOOM) as part of SMHAF, and her palm-held stories were part of SMHAF’s ‘Unlocked Gallery’ (2020). She continues to study the use of body-painting as a healing medium for exploring our sense of self, our connection to others and to the world around us.

The re-ignition of her love of sketching happened during her lockdown walks:

“The combination of sketching with simple physical activity whilst amongst the full sensory experience of nature, strengthened my feeling of mental wellbeing and being part of something much bigger, and helped me find small daily joys.”

This workshop hopes to connect with those who are unable or aren’t yet ready to venture out into physical group gatherings.

Follow Lynn on Instagram @mrsfantooshmrsfantoosh or @fantooshsketching, or Twitter @MrsFantoosh.

Outdoor workshop Sketch and Wander for Wellbeing is also taking place as part of SMHAF 2021, in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions. Find out more here.

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Thu 20th May
10:30AM - 12PM

Price: FREE

Book: Eventbrite

Age Restrictions: 16+