Why So Serious?

Visual Arts Workshop

Join this workshop to do a self-portrait with a twist, as we close our eyes and allow our sense of touch to "draw" what we feel. 

Why So Serious? is about using our different senses to "see", to let go of control by going with the flow. In this workshop, participants will close their eyes and draw a self-portrait based solely on their sense of touch. One hand will follow the contours of their face whilst the other hand works in tandem with a pen on paper.

The idea of this workshop is to ''see without seeing'' by just going with the flow. It is aimed to help people be less precious about the outcome and letting go of the control we are so conformed to. Who are we when just let it be?

Are we normal? Participants will be able to understand themselves a little better by colouring in their self-portrait by looking in the mirror and self-reflecting on their mood, colour association, tones, lines, marks, and texture.

Has lockdown and Covid-19 taken an impact on your mental well-being? Do you understand yourself better or worse than before the pandemic? What is normality? This workshop will help you express your feelings that you are experiencing now and to have a laugh at yourself.

You will require:

  • Sketchbook and/or paper
  • Black felt pen
  • Something to colour with, e.g. paints, watercolours, pens, colouring pencils
  • Masking tape to stick paper onto table
  • Small mirror

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Mon 10th May
1PM - 2PM

Price: FREE


Accessibility: Please email Fiona if you have accessibility requirements

Age Recommendation: Suitable for teenagers and adults