Home: A Performative Space

Theatre Visual Arts Workshop Online

This participatory performance reimagines the digital space, repurposing household objects, and departing on a virtual, guided journey together.

Artists Clare Robertson and Stefanie Blum will guide you safely on a collective adventure, all you need to do is listen and let your imagination roam.

Robertson’n’Blum encourage participants to repurpose household objects into an installation within their own home. The artists will guide participants by means of auditory and visual instructions and together we will stretch the expectations around where art is to be found and celebrate connectivity at a time of isolation.

Participants are invited to strap themselves in as if on a ride at the fairground and be guided, safely and gently on a virtual journey.

Collectively, we will transform the physical space of ‘home’ into an art space. The artists will guide participants towards new perspectives, connecting in the 'in-between space' of our subconscious minds.

The event ultimately claims the sphere of participant imaginations and considers the micro in relation to the macro during an era when so much of our freedom has been limited during stay at home messaging.


This experience is 45 min, please allow 1 hour in total. 

It will take place over Zoom. The microphones and camera of all participants will be switched off throughout the event. It is helpful to be able to see the artists from time to time but most of the time you can simply listen and allow yourself to journey along.

Preparation of the space at participants’ homes

Take five mins before this event and set up just enough space to be able to lie down fully.

We are seeking to create a quiet stillness and a safe space in your home, test what lighting works, lights low or off.

Suggested props found around the house:

  • A t-shirt or an eye mask
  • A cosy jumper
  • Either a dressing gown belt or a pair of leggings
  • A blanket, the heavier the better
  • Two pillows
  • Several cushions
  • A towel

Is this accessible to all?

The event relies on auditory instructions. If lying on the floor is not accessible to participants they can do this on a chair or even in bed.

What to wear?

Comfortable, loose and warm clothing.

About the Artists

Clare Robertson Moore is an Interdisciplinary Artist and writer, Shortlisted for the New Writers Award, Hospitalfields Interdisciplinary Resident, Founder of the Contemplative Practice and has exhibited her work extensively including video and performance works at the Talbot Rice Gallery. Under the pseudonym Automated Luxury Robertson Moore has a deeply anthropological approach to her work seeking to further explore the human condition. Further works can be seen here.

Stefanie Blum works across media with a focus on creating installations that amplify the bodily perception of spaces and how we navigate them. She frequently participates in residencies, following invitations from the Common Ground (UK), Lebenshaus (DE), and Thermokoitides (GK) and gained funding support including Hope Scott Visual Art Funding, the Andrew Grant Scholarship, and the Karin Halft Grant. Stefanie is an experienced art tutor, a curatorial practitioner, and co-founder of the Tragicom Collective. Her work can be seen on her website.

Robertson n’ Blum first met during their Masters degree in Contemporary Art at Edinburgh College of Art. We both explored different ways of using physical spaces for performative and installation works and found ourselves questioning our artistic practice when lockdowns and travel restrictions limited the accessibility of gallery spaces. Consequently, we joined forces to create a performative art work which allows audiences to experience art in their own homes.


Fri 7th May
6PM - 7PM

Price: FREE


Accessibility: The event relies on auditory instructions. If lying on the floor is not accessible to participants they can do this on a chair or even in bed.