Streaming: Collective Conversations

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An online performative exhibition taking place as a developing webpage, open for all to access, follow, view and comment.

Six artists from the Tragicom Collective will respond and edit the web page – – over the course of three days. Taking advantage of the online setting each artist will respond, create, and develop a dialogue with every addition made, allowing viewers to experience our multimedia content online as an interactive conversation that will include text, sound, and video.

Part exhibition, part journal, the resultant event is a manifestation of Tragicom collective’s continued conversations around communication and connection online.

As the screen reflects back to the user so too does the Tragicom Collective, by reflecting upon how lockdown has altered and necessitated the need for actively connecting with others, fostering a sense of community, and sustaining an artistic practice.

Viewers will be given an insight into their disseminating thoughts, ideas and ways of working, able to dive in and out of sections of the conversation and comment in turn generating an interactive forum for discussion.

The hope of this is to experiment and share creative ideas during a time of (physical) isolation and create an expanded and inclusive dialogue that opens up our collective thinking.

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Fri 21st - Sun 23rd May
Access Online

Price: FREE