Mind To Move

Dance Workshop

Julia James-Griffiths will deliver three free online Mind To Move classes, aimed at all levels, and an excerpt sharing of The Box.

Mind To Move is a mindful movement practice that focuses on supporting mental health and well-being needs through relaxation and mindful movement. All levels are welcome, no dance experience is necessary. The class begins with exercises in breathing, relaxation, and visualisation, before moving into led movement improvisation, and runs for 30 minutes.

As a part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Julia will be sharing an excerpt of The Box after the second class. The Box is a dance theatre piece, choreographed by Julia, that explores the impact depression can have on an individual and how our society responds to it. There will be a short break after the class before the excerpt sharing of The Box will begin. The workshop will end with a Q&A and an opportunity for participants to share their thoughts on the work.

For anyone who would like to attend just the excerpt sharing of The Box and not the class, please contact Julia.

Participant Comments on Mind To Move

“Very calming and relaxing”

“A lovely meditation. For the rest of the day I have felt peaceful...and have had more energy”

“That was so wonderful and much needed. My thinking brain switched off, it was so lovely”

“Safe and spacious, real moments of discovery”

“Absolutely what I needed this evening - so freeing to move without restriction”

“A fabulous heart centred way of relieving tension, and moving to the beat of your own beautiful rhythm”

Comments on The Box

"A gripping, emotive look at depression... deeply affecting and important work"

- ***** The Wee Review

“The work is that rare and beautiful combination of exquisite choreography and thought-provoking social commentary presented with flare, feeling and humour…”

- Steve Slater, Former Artistic Director of Citymoves Dance Agency

"Powerful. A brilliant performance. Dance isn't usually something I relate to but found this very inspiring and easy to interpret with my own experience of mental illness. Definitely recommend seeing this!!"

- Angela McCrimmon, award-winning author of 'Can you hear me now?'



Wed 5th May
5:30PM - 6PM

Class, plus The Box excerpt

Wed 12th May
5:30PM - 6:45PM


Wed 19th May
5:30PM - 6PM

Price: FREE

Book: Email [email protected]

Age Restrictions: For ages 16+