Make Your Wheel of Life with Colours

Visual Arts Workshop

A Toltec creative ritual to find your inner artist using colours and evaluate your life balance through meditation and a beautiful shamanic healing ceremony.

In this Toltec creative ritual, you will connect with your inner source of creativity by making your Wheel of Life using colours or natural elements according to ancient traditions.

This is the circle of no beginning and no end and it is an artwork. Together, we will take part in a ceremony for harmony and balance, helping you to recommit yourself to living in a peaceful way, connecting your heart with the world inside and outside yourself. The workshop will also include a beautiful creative meditation to ground yourself.

The wheel can be used in difficult situations to give you the direction you need when you feel everything around is constantly changing in an unexpected way, giving you access to your inner wisdom and the world’s key for normality. Realising your wheel can provide healing for your mind and heart.

You will also learn what shamanism is and you will experience the beautiful healing power of rituals to serve your personal transformation. Rituals and ceremonies are tools to invoke blessings through practical actions, but also to feel that your intent is powerful.

You will need:

  • A medium/large sheet of paper
  • Pencils, pens or any other artistic medium you enjoy. As an alternative, you could use five medium pebbles and 30-40 small pebbles, leaves, flowers or pine cones – be creative with whatever inspires you.
  • A notebook and pen
  • Incense (optional)


Sun 16th May
11AM - 12:30PM

£15 / £10