Bed: cosy, safe, warm, haven of rest. Bed: prison. Duvet Day by C&O Dance is a physical exploration of depression, inspired by a conflicted relationship with the bed and an intimate struggle with the condition. The performances will be followed by a Q&A discussion.

Duvet Day is a dance theatre piece which portrays an intimate struggle with depression. Lying in bed for hours on end, in a state of complete isolation and mental weariness, can make it feel like a prison. Personal experiences of depression, enhanced by research, fuelled a physical exploration of the condition. Incorporating props locates the piece within the familiar landscape of bed. Duvet Day reveals the trajectory of a depressive episode, through embodiment and evocative imagery.

"A different perspective on a ‘safe’ comfortable place..." - audience member

Performance followed by a Q&A.

C&O emerged in 2015 as a collaborative dance practice between Claire Pritchard and Olga Kay. Our work is inspired and informed by the landscape of mental health. Drawing on our lived experience, we aspire to create performances which stimulate a dialogue around this area.

Duvet Day is supported by:

Mental Health and Wellbeing Team NHS Lothian

CAPS independent advocacy


Bristo Baptist Church


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Sat 28th Oct
6PM - 6:45PM
Sun 29th Oct
6PM - 6:45PM


Old Lab, Summerhall
1 Summerhall, Edinburgh EH9 1PL
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£5 | Book: 0131 560 1580, summerhall.co.uk