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Creative Therapies Training Programme offers a range of creative workshops, led by psychotherapists, state registered arts therapists and professional artists. Each three-hour session will aim to demonstrate the contribution creativity can make to positive mental health and wellbeing, helping you to develop your own skills and creative toolkit.

All workshops are aimed at practitioners in education, social work, health and the voluntary sector, who are looking to expand their practice and share with user groups.

The Road to Recovery: The Impact of the Arts in Addiction Recovery

Kate Black

How can using drama to explore a sensitive issue contribute to promoting positive mental health? How can it contribute to helping a person reclaim their life and their self? This workshop will share practice and experience of working with groups from the recovery field, specifically exploring the power of performance projects. Kate Black is a Drama Facilitator with 25 years’ experience of delivering issue based projects, and social commentary theatre.

Construction & Destruction: The Potential for Transformation in Art, Play & Drama

Dr Andrew Dawson

This experiential workshop focuses on the dynamic relationship between destructive and constructive forces in human development and the transformational opportunities when using the arts. Participants should be prepared to use art materials and to have fun as well as do some serious work. Dr Andrew Dawson has 30 years extensive experience in community arts and was a pioneer of Dramatherapy in Scotland. He is now the Professional Lead for Child Psychotherapy in NHS GGC.

Once Upon a Time: Narrative and Animation

Sheena McGregor

This workshop will combine theory and practical activities, by looking at work created by children with life limiting conditions. Participants will examine the underlying content and archetypal figures and see how the children use storytelling and multi media to great effect. Sheena McGregor is an Art Therapist with a specific remit to deliver work in clinical settings. She also teaches on the International Masters Art Therapy course at Edinburgh University.

A Mixed Bag: Upcycled Printmaking

Beth Farmer

This fun session encourages participants to think creatively about re-using materials when running their own workshops for children and adults. Applying basic screen printing methods, but using entirely upcycled materials, workshop members will work towards designing their own tote bag. Beth Farmer is a visual artist and facilitator, specialising in textiles, print and upcycling.

Into the Woods: The Use of Myth & Stories in the Therapeutic Journey

Lynne Conway

Using a selection of experiential activities which encompass art, play and drama, this workshop will explore the use of fairy tales, myth and storytelling in the therapeutic encounter. Participants will experience a series of exercises & structures and learn how to process and reflect on the themes. Lynne Conway has more than 30 years experience of family work, specialising in Looked After & Accommodated Children, both as a Dramatherapist and a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist.

Soundtrack to Your Life: A Personal Creative Narrative

Tim Davidson & Rachel Mimiec

This workshop demonstrates our practice of cross modality working, using art and music. Here we merge creative strategies, to accommodate the diverse talents of a group, ensuring the activity has a client centred approach. The activity will be further punctuated with music therapy case study work. Tim Davidson is a Music Therapist with a wide experience of young people with complex needs in Education settings. Rachel Mimiec is a Visual Artist with an established practice of working in diverse community contexts.

Reclaim: Basket Weaving with a Twist

Beth Farmer

Basket weaving has a long and gently mocked association with occupational therapy and clinical recovery. For this craft workshop, we reclaim the healing qualities of this hands on activity and demonstrate new ways to use found materials to create modern-day baskets. Participants can then easily recreate this with a wide variety of user groups. Beth Farmer is a visual artist and facilitator, specialising in textiles, print & upcycling.


Creative Therapies Training Programme is part of MARBLES: Lost & Found, Creative Therapies inaugaral mini-festival at SMHAF. 

Scottish Youth Theatre

105 Brunswick Street, Glasgow G1 1TF

The Road to Recovery

Thu 12th Oct
9:30AM - 12:30PM

Construction & Destruction

Thu 12th Oct
1:30PM - 4:30PM

Once Upon A Time

Fri 13th Oct
9:30AM - 12:30PM

A Mixed Bag

Fri 13th Oct
1:30PM - 4:30PM

Into the Woods

Thu 26th Oct
9:30AM - 12:30PM

Soundtrack to Your Life

Thu 26th Oct
1:30PM - 4:30PM


Fri 27th Oct
9:30AM - 12:30PM


Cost per session:

£75 Statutory Organisations

£50 Voluntary Organisations & Individuals


Book: [email protected]


Info: 0141 429 1931