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Theatre Spoken Word

You have been signed up to a game you never wanted to play.

Your family member is in prison, only you can pass go.

Roll the dice; one step forward, two spaces back.

Be ready for anything.

Uncover the rules and some day you may win.

CON(SCRIPTED) is an interactive performance encompassing poetry, soundscape, installation and sensory overload. 

CON(SCRIPTED) is devised and performed by the arts collective KIN. KIN envisions a future where those affected by family imprisonment are not defined by their experience but use it as a foundation for positive change.

KIN have worked with renowned spoken word artist and poet Leyla Josephine, visual artist Alice Dansey-Wright and sound designer Ben Fletcher to bring this unique piece to life.

Booking advised as capacity is limited.

Part of Vox Liminis Presents, a two-day festival at SMHAF 2018, which also features Distant Voices: Not Known at this Address.  

Saint Luke’s

17 Bain Street, Calton, Glasgow G40 2JZ
Thu 24th May
7:30PM - 9PM