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Impressive films from various genres find common cause through exploration of the contemporary male psyche. In two thought-provoking programmes of shorts from home and abroad, issues that were once kept hidden are approached with nerve, verve and an underlying sense of hope.

Coping in Men Interrupted, II and the related post-screening discussion co-presented with Africa in Motion


The programmes feature the folowing award winners: 

Men, Interrupted I

THE WAVES: Animation

An artist returns to his work after suffering a mental breakdown.

SPIKE: Voices of Experience

A soldier who served in Northern Ireland recovers from post-traumatic stress discorder.

HUM: Short Documentary

A singer-songwriter discovers that his music helps him to deal with schizoaffective disorder.


Men, Interrupted II

COPING: Human Rights

An aunt and her nephew quarrel when she decides to send her schizophrenic husband to a prayer camp.




CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts

350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

Men, Interrupted I

Sat 14th Oct
11AM - 12.45PM

Men, Interrupted II

Sat 14th Oct
1.30PM - 3.15PM