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A new performance by Paul Michael Henry dealing with mental health, consumer capitalism, and ecological crisis.

It's a collaboration with marine biologist Dr. Alex Ford, whose experiments have found anti-depressants entering the sea through human waste are affecting the behaviour of shrimp. High levels of prozac are causing shrimp to abandon their shadowy habitat and swim towards the light where they’re often eaten. THE HUMANS ARE SO SAD THAT THE SHRIMP ARE GOING CRAZY.

The performance will be followed by a discussion with an invited panel about the links between mental health, community, and the environment.

Paul Michael Henry makes live performances rooted in Butoh Dance, music and poetry. More info:

Sun 22nd Oct
2PM - 4PM


 The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Road, Glasgow G34 9JW
Booking Info:

£8.50 / £5 / £4

0141 276 9696 [OPT 1],